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More and more homeowners are turning to fiber cement siding for their needs. Fiber cement siding combines sand and cellulose fibers with cement to create one of the strongest siding products on the market. Because fiber cement uses recycled materials, it’s also one of the greenest siding choices available.

Our home remodeling services are proud to carry James Hardie, the most trusted brand of fiber cement siding products in America. Choose a combination of HardiePlank®, HardieShingle®, HardiePanel®, HardieTrim®, and HardieSoffit® for a cohesive exterior that will last for decades.

Authentic Woodgrain Look

Fiber cement siding with woodgrain lookJames Hardie fiber cement siding emulates the natural look of wood siding to provide homeowners with a traditional style that outperforms wood in every way. Fiber cement siding is easily paintable and can be changed again and again. Unlike wood siding, the fiber cement’s beautiful finish and structural integrity can’t be marred by termites or rot.

Reliable Protection

Image showcasing the protective nature of fiber cement sidingFiber cement siding has long been revered for its superior performance against the elements as well as for its natural woodgrain look. Almost as thick as wood, James Hardie fiber cement siding offers an impenetrable barrier to moisture that prevents water damage, mold, and mildew. James Hardie is available in climate-specific lines to ensure optimal protection no matter where you live. Give Smallwood a call for more information!

Unmatched Durability

Fiber cement siding’s incredible structural strength acts like a suit of armor against even the most extreme elements. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement siding resists fire, rot, decay and even termites, preserving its protective properties—not to mention its good looks—for decades. Our home remodeling services can provide for you!

Environmentally Friendly

The unique ability of HardiePlank™ to shed water with maximum efficiency helps it reduce condensation and, subsequently, keep heating and cooling systems working effectively. HardiePlank™ comes in large planks that are ready to be installed, reducing the time and materials needed on the job site. And its famous durability keeps homes beautiful for decades longer than natural wood siding, reducing time, energy and money spent on repairs and maintenance.

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